Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ho Ho Trains

Fun for kids to put together.

For each train:
Chocolate frosting, architectural icing, or almond bark
1 Ho Ho (or Twinkie)
4 round peppermints or butter scotch candies
2 mini Recess Peanut Butter Cups
Twizzlers pull n peals (optional)

On paper plates or other portable surface, place the twizzlers strands like a train track (optional). Next, place the Ho Ho on the "tracks". Add the peppermints as wheels (two on either side) using icing or chocolate as glue. Cut one of the peanut butter cups in half. (eat the other half or use it for another train). Attach the half, larger side down, at the front of the "train" to create the "grill". Attach the other peanut butter cup to the top, front of the "train", small end down, to create the "smoke stack".

Other ideas:

Make box cars with Twinkies and Ho Hos using the same method but omitting the peanut butter cups.

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