Monday, September 8, 2008

Special Ingredient: Sriracha Chili Sauce

Josh and I have come across this sauce at a number of restaurants and Josh became keenly interested in it after he found out they used it in a volcano blue cheese burger he ate in Boulder, Utah. We bought a bottle of it at our local grocer and I have started slipping it into various recipes to give them an extra kick and depth of flavor. Watch out though, a little goes a LONG way. Josh puts it on his burgers and hot dogs (he can handle more spice than I can). I used it this week in my spicy meatballs to bring up the flavor and also in Misty's homemade tomato soup. I can't wait to try it in Chili.


Kelly said...

You should try your chili sauce on my BBQ Beef sandwiches. I bet that would be good!

Laura said...

Jeremy loves this stuff! He likes it especially in stirfry and other Asian dishes. I think it's too hot but he can't wait to use it.

Maryam said...

Is it Habanero? That's my spicy sauce of choice! I eat it on everything.