Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recipe Requests

I have a few recipe requests. I would love it if you would post them here.


  • wild rice soup (submitted below-Thanks!)
  • bread recipe (submitted below)
  • mushroom, tomato, chicken, spinach dinner


  • baklava
  • black bean burgers
  • cranberry orange cheesecake
  • favorite vegitarian

Anyone else that has requests either comment here or create another post.


Laura said...

I second the one with spinach (my favorite veggie!) in it and any vegetarian meals. With food costs on the rise we've been eating a lot less meat. And, yeah, we need Cami's black bean burgers, cause mine always turn out too soft :(

Sarah said...

Ruth: What is your french toast recipe?? I've been craving it since you mentioned it.